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Duct Plugs

NOTE: If you have any question on what type of duct plug to use, contact our duct plug expert and let him walk you through the process. 

  • Poly Plus Temporary Plugs CalAm at GUS!

    Poly Plugs - Temporary Plugs

    Poly Plugs - Temporary Plugs at GUS Features Tapered and ribbed side walls for tight secure fit Easy installation and removal Maintains shape in extreme environments Cost-effective solution for temporary sealing Designed to seal: standard ducts,...

    $0.78 - $2.70
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  • Kwikie Duct Plug with Loop Nut Kwikie Duct Plug with Loop Nut

    Kwikie Duct Plug with Loop Nut

    Kwikie Duct Plug with Loop Nut The original Kwikie brand mechanical plug is one of Cal Am Manufacturing’s most popular products. Trusted by contractors world-wide to secure their conduit systems from the costly and often damaging incursion of...

    $5.46 - $20.68
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  • Condux Universal Plugs work great for the temporary plugging of duct, bell-ends and terminators.

    Universal Plug

    For temporarily plugging duct, bell-ends and terminators. These polyethylene plugs come in sizes to fit all types of manufactured duct, even when the duct is bell-ended or a coupling is attached. The Universal Plug’s extended lip...

    $2.32 - $6.11
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  • ETCO Push Plug 2" SDR 11 (ETCO IP-1960S-250)

    ETCO Push Plugs 2" SDR 11

    **AVERAGELY 6-8 WEEKS ARO**   ETCO Push Plug - 2" SDR 11 Push Plugs are used to seal vacant or occupied ducts. They are made of ETCO Specialty Products 9408 Material with a 55-59 Shore A Hardness. They contain no metal parts. Product...

  • Kwikie Plug Wing Nut Kwikie Plug Wing Nut - 2.5"

    Kwikie Plug Wing Nut

    Kwikie Blank Duct Plugs - CAM 5120-25 (2.5), CAM 5120-30 (3.0), CAM 5120-40 (4.0), CAM 5120-50 (5.0), CAM 5120-58 (5.8) BLANK DUCT PLUG  WING NUT  2.50 inch | 65mmBLANK DUCT PLUG  WING NUT  3.00 inch | 80mmBLANK DUCT PLUG  WING...

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